I’m Needed

A few weeks ago, I was helping a woman find a pair of jeans at work and in a very organic way, we began talking about school, careers, the new generation, business, faith, challenges….all within a matter of 15-20 minutes. I’ve never met this woman in my life, but I feel like we clicked so … Continue reading I’m Needed


  Hello everyone!Β    First of all, I’d like to apologize to just going silent all of a sudden with no prior notice. I have been taking on A LOT in this past year (now isn’t the time to explain). However, I’m now in a place where I feel like I can share my thoughts … Continue reading Unstoppable

A Time of Thanks

Hey everybody!! Long time, no see….uh read lol Anyway, I just wanted to drop a golden nugget for all of those who have had some major challenges this year. I a firm believer that God truly has our best interest in mind always, Even if a situation seems to be going bad, somehow, someway, God … Continue reading A Time of Thanks

30 in 30

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!  Today marks the 3oth year of this beautiful life of mine and I’m going to kick off the day by sharing with you 30 lessons I’ve learned in the last 30 years. This in no particular order, I’m just writing these down as they come to my head.   The upbringing … Continue reading 30 in 30

Dear Black People Pt. 2

Let’s all think very clearly about this… Time and time again, we’ve witnessed the death that has resulted when people abuse their power and time and time again we see the same reactions from angry “black people” (I use that term VERY loosely). You know what problem that a lot of black people in this … Continue reading Dear Black People Pt. 2